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Justice, Empowerment, Wisdom, Excellence, Leadership, and Service

About Us

J.E.W.E.L.S., Inc. is a social justice organization for women who are interested in social justice, mentorship, service, and leadership. The J.E.W.E.L.S. acronym stands for Justice, Empowerment, Wisdom, Excellence, Leadership, and Service. The organization’s mission is to empower future women leaders who seek professional and personal growth through mentorship, networking, and service.

"Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception."

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier campus organization that empowers the next generation of women leaders in criminal justice.

Our Mission

To empower future women leaders who seek professional and personal growth through mentorship, networking, and service.

J.E.W.E.L.S., Inc. At A Glance


Jailen Route - Cohort 1 - NC A&T Chapter

"J.E.W.E.L.S. has created a space that emphasizes the importance of community not only within the organization its self, but in the service we do. Being apart of this organization has brought me genuine friendships, learning opportunities, and has helped me continue develop as a leader. As a collective we know that J.E.W.E.L.S., it’s bigger than us and to be apart of an organization that promotes and prioritizes positive influence on those that surrounds us speaks volumes."


Brianna Brown- Cohort 1 - NCCU Chapter

"Since becoming a member of the J.E.W.E.L.S. organization in 2019, becoming a better leader has been instilled within me. I have had the pleasure of networking and learning through so many people. It was also a pleasure to serve as the FIRST Vice President of this illustrious organization. To be a member of this group means that you share a common goal with other like-minded women to be an advocate for the voiceless and give back a greater good to the community. This organization brings so much life and happiness to me. I am forever grateful for our founders, my sisters, and all of the hard work that is soon to come."


Daisha Ingram - Cohort 3 - NCCU Chapter

"J.E.W.E.L.S., Inc. has helped me gain a sisterhood that I never knew I needed. It has helped me to network and meet impactful women of color who have broadened my horizons to be a better me and a better businesswoman."

Core Tenets

- Career-readiness

- Professional Development


- Students Engagement

- Mentorship

- Student Centered Success

Important Facts

100% Graduation Rate

71% Retention Rate since 2019

Over $20,000 Fundraised since 2019

$500 Schorlarship awardee for 2021

1230 Total Community engagements   hours since 2019

$8,917.50 of monetary value provided to the Durham community in engagement hours


Core Values

Devote Ourselves to truth and services on a local and global platform. 

Promote creative expression and advocacy in the

field of criminal justice

Provide young women with interpersonal and professional skills that will prepare them as

future practitioners.

Build communities of young women fostered through mentorship and personal relationships 

Empower young women to become cmmunity and university leaders, preparing them for future leadership in the field of social and criminal justice.

Join Us

Empower our
women and girls

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